The Best Pillows and Mattresses in Alicante

L’Encant has a rule: only high quality products. Besides curtains, carpet, tows or so many more products. this store has one of the most amazing and specialized department of pillows and mattresses in town. They are supported by the best brands in mattresses production as Star Rest Systems and Laxy, which are offering a wade selection of all kinds of rest system. Latex, classic piers or special combinations in mattress composition, all your body deserve! Same high quality in pillows, there are of latex, down or viscoelastic.

We speak English, personal attention. Come and take a look at it, it is worth it!

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7 comentarios en “The Best Pillows and Mattresses in Alicante

  1. Leo a menudo tu blog y generalmente no comento, hoy me detengo a escribirte y enviarte felices fiestas y feliz año nuevo.

  2. Hi!

    We have worked with L’Encant and they have really good materials.
    Pleased to read something nice about them!!

  3. Realmente esta almohada es asi??? si realmente es, seria una buena opcion de compra, pero no estoy seguro de ello. Alguien que haya comprado ya una??

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