Diana Big ha preguntado hace 5 años

Hello, What is your opinion about Gomarco Therapy 2.0 mattress?

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Jesús Staff ha respondido hace 5 años

@Diana, this kind of brand usually use a lot of thecnical healer words to improve the "aparence" of the mattresses. If you check another brands like Spalding, Lamalit or Dicon you are going to find mattresses witch better foam used in their construccions.
But if your preference is the natural materials the Astral Nature mattresses are the best option because of they are whole natural.
Best regards.

Diana Big ha respondido hace 5 años

Thanks for your reply, the problem is that i live in Hungary (Budapest) and we dont have those brands here, Can you recommend something which can be used in a flexible bed grid and can be delivered to Budapest?

Looking forward to your answer, kind regards, Diana

Jesús Staff respondido hace 5 años

Im so sorry to tell you that Hungary is no included in our delivery options.

Thank you, best regards!

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